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Hairstyle Dvd : 一根头发 è 头发时尚潮流和保持最新的最新消息实质 à 技术服务。这种方式,头发专业 pu ⅱ 向其客户提供了最好的。你知道,满意的客户 è 将返回客户端 à 去哪里 è 好特技的美发沙龙。在这个网站上你可以看到当前的美发师,让你更新所有课程列表。你可以在这里找到还 Dvd 美发师,在那里我们一步一步一步解释如何完成一个特定的发型或服务的技术人员。剪,颜色,发型︰ 在这里你能找到最新的消息时尚 à 头发上。更多︰ 理发师的市场,和一些有用的提示,最充分地利用他们当中找出最好的产品。有确实一些技巧提高的头发产品使 100%的成效。观察到业内专业人士在工作,并按照他们的意见。以这种方式,你将会学习新的技术和风格,并告知。这 è 正确的方式,使你的美发沙龙最好和访问量最大的 ① 之一。

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Hairstyle Dvd - Hairdressers hair health care in the salons of beauty and aesthetics, with hair style for fashion photos and sales of hair-hair care products.

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Gossip & News

25 Mar 19

Gary Taylor


Collection: The Contemporary
Ph: John Rawson
Make-up: Jo Sugar


25 Mar 19

Jacks of London Art Crew


Collection: Dark London
Ph: Barry Makariou
Stylist: Emma Lee


22 Mar 19

Paul Mac Special


Inspired by old school barbering, the hairstylist uses traditional classic barbering skills of clipping, scissor-over-combing and tailoring together with more modern barber skills of fading, patterning and texturising to create a collection that has a contemporary edge, but with its root solidly in true traditional barbering.

Collection: El Classico
Ph: Miki Marlok
Stylist: Paul Mac


22 Mar 19

Paco López


Influence reaches us all. Without almost realizing about it, we let ourselves be influenced by someone. In this collection the hairstylist wanted to reflect the power of influencers in the current masculine fashion, which has also influenced him in recent years.

Collection: #Influencia
Ph: David Arnal
Stylist: Paco López


21 Mar 19

Durante il COSMOPROF Bologna ha ottenuto un grande successo lo show di Federico Fashion Style allo Stand di GAMMA PIÙ, azienda specializzata nella produzione di phon e piastre per parrucchieri di Cazzago San Martino (BS).

Federico, titolare di "Il salone delle meraviglie", miete successo al Cosmoprof Bologna supportato dal Format Tv.


federico fashion  style show

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